On Sunday, June 2, there will be a reception from 17.00-19.00 at the conference site. There will also be an opportunity to register at that time.

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NAHOMCon 2019 Schedule
Welcome (8-8:30am)
Morning Session
Templo Mayor RoomTemplo Mayor RoomTemplo Mayor Room
Session Chair: Wai Sun DonChi-Wang ShuOptimal energy- conserving discontinuous Galerkin methods for wave equationsSession Chair: Anders PeterssonTzanio KolevScalable High- Order Finite Elements for Compressible HydrodynamicsSession Chair: Cathy MavriplisAdrianna GillmanAn efficient and high order accurate direct solution technique for variable coefficient elliptic partial differential equations
Coffee Break (9:30-10am)
Morning Parallel Sessions
Aztlan RoomTemplo Mayor RoomTehuanco RoomAztlan RoomTemplo Mayor RoomTehuanco RoomAztlan RoomTemplo Mayor RoomTehuanco Room
Session Chair is the 1st speakerJesse Chan, Modal formulations of entropy stable discontinuous Galerkin methodsJan Nordström, Stable and Accurate Filtering ProceduresManuel Mefia, A Particle Tracking Methodology for Spectral High Order Element Methods in Nektar++Catherine Mavriplis, A Parallel High Order hp- Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Solver for Incompressible FlowJean-Luc Guermond, Invariant domain preserving approximation of hyperbolic systems: beyond second- orderKetan Mittal, Overlapping Schwarz Based Spectral Element Method for Incompressible Flow in Complex DomainsWill Pazner, Efficient Matrix- Free Iterative Solvers for Very High-Order Finite Element DiscretizationsSigal Gottlieb, Designing Time Filters Using a General Linear Method ApproachDavid C. Seal, High order multiderivative time integrators
Tamas Horvath, Energy stable higher order space- time hybridizable and embedded discontinuous Galerkin methods for incompressible flowsJialin Lou, Entropy Stable Spectral Collocation
Schemes for the 3- D Navier- StokesEquations on Dynamic Unstructured Grids
Mingchang Ding, Efficient and highly accurate semi- Lagrangian discontinuous Galerkin method for convection- diffusion problemsReza Abed, Adaptive Space- Time Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Solutions of Steady and Transient Partial Differential EquationsLuke D’Aquila, High-Order Shock Fitting Using a Discontinuous Galerkin MethodPhilip
Roe ,Designing CFD Algorithms for Bandwidth
Andrés M. Rueda- Ramírez, A Time- Implicit Static Condensation Scheme for High- Order Discontinuous Galerkin Spectral Element Methods with Gauss-Lobatto PointsDong Zhou, Diagonally-implicit Runge-Kutta Schemes Devoid of Order ReductionPhilipp Öffner, Error Boundedness of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods with VariableCoefficients
Ayaboe Edoh, Provably Conservative and Energy-Stable Finite Difference Dissipation Operators with Spectral TunabilityLongfei Gao, Combining finite element and finite difference methods for isotropic elastic wave simulations in an energy- conserving mannerSom Dutta, Efficient Lagrangian Particle Tracking in High-Order CFD in Complex GeometriesAndrés Mauricio Rueda-Ramírez, An Unsteady and Anisotropic p- Adaptation Method Based on Truncation Error Estimations for High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin SchemesGiacomo Castiglioni, Shock- Wave Boundary Layer Interactions Simulations with a Implicit Discontinuous Spectral/hp Element MethodPratik Das, A numerical framework for high- fidelity simulations of vaporizing aluminum droplets in shocked flowsShuai Jiang, Uniform Substructuring Preconditioners for High Order FEM on Triangles and The Influence of Nodal Basis FunctionsZachary J. Grant, Implicit and Explicit Parallel Across Method Error Inhibiting SchemesFortino Garcia, WaveHoltz: Iterative Solution of the Helmholtz Equation via the Wave Equation
Lu Zhang, An Energy-Based Discontinuous Galerkin Method with Galerkin Difference Basis for Second-Order Wave EquationsWai Sun Don, Entropy Stable Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Shallow Water EquationSiddhartha Bishnu, Solving a Reduced Ocean Model Using High Order Spectral Element and Finite Volume MethodsDavid Wells, Using p-Refinement to Increase Boundary Derivative Convergence RatesTheodoros Diamantopoulos, Multi-level static condensation for the simulation of Internal Solitary Waves over an actual bathymetrySatyvir Singh, High-Order Modal Discontinuous Galerkin Method with Applications for Quantum Boltzmann Transport EquationMingyu Hu, Taming the CFL number for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods by Local Exponentiation: Numerical ExamplesJay M. Appleton, High-Order Continuous Triangular Finite Element Explicit Time Stepping via a Twisted Mass- Matrix Inversion SchemeHector Ceniceros, Order adaptive methods for polymer self- consistent field theory
Juan Manzanero, A free-energy stable nodal discontinuous Galerkin approximation with summation-by- parts property for the Cahn-Hilliard equationSvetlana Tokareva, A High Order Multidimensional Residual Distribution Scheme for Lagrangian HydrodynamicsAmneet Pal Singh Bhalla, A robust and efficient wave- structure interaction solver for high- density ratio multiphase flowsMatthew J. Zahr, An optimization- based discontinuous Galerkin approach for high-order accurate shock trackingYoungjoon Hong, A High-Order Perturbation of Surfaces Method for Vector Electromagnetic Scattering by Doubly Layered Periodic Crossed GratingsZheng Chen , Boundary condition strategies for collision-based hybrid methods for linear kinetic modelsPierson Guthrey, The regionally Implicit Discontinous Galerkin method are nonlinear hyperbolic conservation lawsChunjae Park , Spurious pressure in Scott-Vogelius elements
Lunch (12-1:30pm)
Afternoon Session
Templo Mayor RoomTemplo Mayor RoomTemplo Mayor Room
Session Chair: Paul FischerMisun MinExascale Applications of High-Order MethodsSession Chair: Tom HagstromDaniel AppelöWhat’s new with the wave equation?Session Chair: David KoprivaMark H. CarpenterNonlinear Stability and the Discrete Equations of Fluid Mechanics
Coffee Break (2:30-3pm)
Afternoon Parallel Sessions (3-5pm)Aztlan RoomTemplo Mayor RoomTehuanco RoomAztlan RoomTemplo Mayor RoomAztlan RoomTemplo Mayor RoomTehuanco Room
Session Chair is the 1st speakerJerry Watkins, Enabling performance portability for high- order entropy stable compressible flow simulationsTim Warburton, libParanumal: portable highly optimized high- order finite element implementations for GPU computingAndreas Klöckner, Fast Algorithms for the Evaluation of Layer and Volume Potentials”N. Anders Petersson, Full waveform seismic inversion with SW4Rodrigo B. Platte, Frame Approximations with Square MatricesAlexander Kurganov, Adaptive Moving Mesh Central-Upwind SchemesOssian O’Reilly, A high order finite difference method for the elastic wave equation on curvilinear staggered gridsHongsong Feng, FFT-based high order central difference schemes for the three- dimensional Poisson equation with various types of boundary conditions
David Flad, A highly efficient large eddy simulation method for DGSEM using non-linearly optimized relaxation filtersAnthony P. Austin, A GPU-Accelerated High-Order Finite Element Solver for the Stokes EquationsAndrew Giuliani, Adaptive mesh refinement on graphics processing units for applications in gas dynamicsKaihang Guo, Weight-adjusted Bernstein-Bezier DG methods for wave propagation in heterogeneous mediaThomas Hagstrom, Direct high-order propagation algorithms for hyperbolic problemsJose E. Castillo, High Order Mimetic Methods on Curvilinear GridsA. Veilleux, Towards a multi- element-shape extension for the Spectral Difference methodJianxian Qiu, A hybrid high order Hermite WENO scheme for hyperbolic conservation laws
Alina Chertock, A simple Eulerian finite-volume method for compressible fluids in domains with moving boundariesKeaton J. Burns, The Automatic Sparse Spectral Discretization of Tensorial PDEsKristopher Rowe, A fast high-order solver for high Reynolds number stratified flows on massively multi- cored architecturesJoão A. Isler, Dispersion analysis of different basis functions applied to high-order discontinuous Galerkin method for the acoustic wave equationTony Liu, Near- optimal points for constrained approximation and solution of PDEs on complex geometriesGenesis Islas, Accuracy and Stability of Windowed Fourier Methods for Computations on the SpherePeng Li , A numerical framework of high order well-balanced finite
difference schemes based on the weighted compact nonlinear scheme and alternative WENO
scheme for the shallow water equations
Tingfu Ma, High- order blended compact difference schemes for the three dimensional elliptic partial differential equation with mixed derivatives and variable coefficients
Chunlei Liang, A Parallel High-order Solver for Linear Elasticity Problems Using A Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method on Unstructured Quadrilateral GridsShinhoo Kang, IMEX HDG-DG: A
coupled implicit hybridized discontinuous Galerkin and explicit discontinuous Galerkin approach for
shallow water systems
Otilio Rojas, Alternating direction implicit modeling of wave motion using compact and mimetic finite differencesA. F. G. Olender, Computational and convergence analysis of different high-order discontinuous Galerkin implementations for the acoustic wave equationThomas G. Anderson, High-Order Dispersionless
Spatio-Temporally Parallel “Fast- Hybrid” Wave Equation Solver at
$\mathcal{O}(1)$ Sampling Cost
Hareshram Natarajan, High- order explicit stochastic semi- Lagrangian spectral method to solve transport equationsAngel Armando Boada Velazco, High Order Mimetic Finite Difference Modeling of Anisotropic FlowBjoern F. Klose, Assessing standard and kinetic energy conserving discontinuous Galerkin formulations for marginally resolved two dimensional Navier-Stokes flows
Matteo Franciolini, Efficient High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Solution Strategies for Implicit Unsteady Flow SimulationsFrancois Guibault, Efficient high-order discrete geometric model from CADBjorn Sjogreen, Seismic Simulations with SW4Majid Allayari, Pseudo-spectral simulation of shock turbulence interaction using observable Navier- Stokes equationsXiaoyu Wei, A Fast High-Order Poisson Solver for 2/3D Complex Geometries via an Integral Equation MethodSheng Chen, Boundary condition strategies for collision-based hybrid methods for linear kinetic models
Evening FestivitiesReception and Registration (5pm-7pm) in Montezuma HallTrolley ride from SDSU to downtown (5pm-7pm)
Dinner Cruise (7pm-11pm)